What We Deliver

Exclusive talent pool – We’re lucky to have some of the best recruiters in our space, offering years of experience in the North American, Asian and European markets. They offer a network of the best Engineers, Developers, Consultants and C-level profiles across the world.

Communication – We get to know each candidate to ensure they compliment your company culture and criteria for the role. We’re here from the initial interview to the offer stage and beyond, with continued guidance and assistance throughout the process.

Mantra – Our aim is to make your hiring process simple, freeing up time to work on the projects you’re truly passionate about. An open-door policy 24/7, if you’re working, we’re working.

Why Odiin?

We are a team of consultants that put our clients and candidates first. Working around the clock we are always ready to help navigate our clients and candidates through the recruitment process.


Odiin Blockchain is dedicated to recruiting in the Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 space.

We specialize in helping projects that are creating Layer 1 & 2 protocols, Blockchain Oracles & Infrastructures, Crypto trading solutions (Defi platforms & Wallets), NFT marketplaces, IoT network’s and Decentralized Applications (DApps)


Our Gaming division is focused on recruiting for new and existing concepts built in the Metaverse and pushing the boundaries of AAA studio gaming.

Specializing in helping build teams that are releasing new AAA games, exploring new horizons in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), 3D environments and taking digital assets and Blockchain gaming to the next level.


Odiin.Tech partners with leading Start-ups and Enterprises throughout the Nordic Tech Hubs including Helsinki, Gothenburg, Malmo, Stockholm and Oslo.

We specialise in building top performing engineering and leadership teams to help companies thrive in the Data, Digital, AI, Networking, Security and Cloud Ecosystems

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