Why Odiin?

The Odiin Group is a specialist talent agency partnering with big global brands and tech start-ups across the world.

Formed by leading experts, with a deep understanding of the markets with excellent track records of creating technology focused teams.. Bringing a new and fresh approach to headhunting.

We’re lucky to have the best Recruiters in our space, offering years of experience in the North American, Asian and European Markets. They offer a network of the best Engineers, Developers and C-level profiles across the globe.

Allowing you to truly find the perfect candidate for your team or your next big project to join.

Your Gateway to Exclusive Opportunities

Opportunity to build your network with industry experts, within the Blockchain, Web3 and Finance space.

Gain leverage in the market with current market trends.

New and exclusive job roles, with start-ups and scale-ups across the world.


Our main goal is to introduce the right tech minded people to the right projects across the world. Integrity is important to our company.

We offer a truly honest and tailored approach to your recruitment needs.

Frontend Development
React  |  JavaScript  |  Angular  |  Vue  |  HTML  |   CSS  |  Redux  |  Typescript
Backend Development
Java  |  Golang  |  Python  |  PHP  |  Rust  |  C++  |  C  |  C#  |  .NET  |  Scala  |  NodeJS
Mobile Development
iOS  |  Android  |  Kotlin  |  Flutter  |  Swift  |  React  |  Native
Linux Systems  |  Kubernetes  |  Terraform  |  Jenkins  |  Docker  |  Azure DevOps
Cloud Systems
Azure  |  Heroku
Ethereum  |  Smart Contracts |  Solidity  |  Hyperledger  |  Solana  |  Substrate

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