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We are Odiin, the leading talent agency connecting innovative Web3 and blockchain companies with the world's top talent. At the forefront of the blockchain revolution, we're passionate about empowering innovators to build a decentralized future.

Since 2018, Odiin has championed the Web3 space, becoming a renowned talent agency connecting companies with the brightest minds in the blockchain space. We're more than just recruiters; we're passionate community builders, actively challenging tech-minded individuals to chart a decentralized future.


We're your premier recruitment partner, expertly navigating the dynamic landscape of the Aerospace industry. We connect exceptional talent with exciting opportunities across diverse sectors, from pioneering research to ground-breaking commercial ventures.

The beauty of space lies in its boundless possibilities. It's not just about astronauts and engineers. From data scientists shaping space communication networks to lawyers crafting the legal framework for interplanetary commerce, Space provides a platform for every skill set and passion.

Odiin.Tech, connecting talent with cutting-edge roles in Technology, Engineering, and Sciences. At the forefront of future tech, our specialist teams span the globe, bringing deep knowledge to every search.

Since 2012, our Founders has championed the tech space, building genuine relationships with both client and candidate, fostering long-lasting connections that translate into deeper industry understanding. We're more than just recruiters, we're your tech talent partner.

About the Odiin Group...

We are proud to partner with some of the leading brands across the globe, who share the same goal of creating the next wave of innovative technology.

We understand our clients and the products they work on and share the same vision for tech. This allows us to provide candidates with the most up to date market knowledge and the best job opportunities.

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